'67 Coupe Crown Vic Suspension


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Mar 21, 2014
Kingman AZ
The car in my avatar is the one we're talking about here. I plan to drive it daily.
I'm considering the 4.6 P.I. Cop car engine and trans for installation in my '67 Coupe, because I have one, and I have the skills to install it. I already know the 4.6 won't fit between the stock shock towers so, I'm looking at either a ~1200.00 Mustang II style front end assembly which is outside my budget, (lots more time than money) or, I have an '08 Crown Vic front suspension which I'm thinking of stuffing under the fenders in my coupe. I've looked it over pretty thoroughly, and googled all I can find about someone attempting this swap, and I know that:

1. The Crown Vic track width is about 6 inches overall wider than the Mustang
2. Wildly offset wheels will cure the overhang, however, I want wheels which are the same front to back
3. Fender flares are right out, because my bodywork skills are not like my fabrication skills. Golf balls have better bodywork than some of my attempts.
4. I don't have to use the CV crossmember, even though it fits like it was made for the Mustang.
5. If anyone has done this swap or attempted it, it's buried under all the truck swaps going on out there today.

My plan of attack at present is to use the crossmember as a template to keep all alignments of all suspension components relative to how they are on the Vic, mount the a-arms and spring mount about 3" inboard on the stock Mustang frame, while finding a rack and pinion which is about 6" narrower in the rack body, which will fit the Vic's inner and outer tie rods to retain the length of the tie rods in order to preserve the geometry which already works. After I sort all this out, I'll be free to figure out motor mounts, trans mounts, fuel pump, and the driveshaft, along with wheels and tires. then I can add the electronics from the Vic, and give my wife power steering, brakes, cruise control, and A/C in a sexy mustang body.

Any hints, or advice will be appreciated.
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I knew they were wider than a Mustang ,and the bracket is made of aluminum so narrowing would be a PITA. .
They fit the 56 fords like they were made for them .Pretty slick set up if it would bolt right in because every thing is in the unit ,and i mean everything .You could fab your own bracket much like a Mustang II unit i would think .The coil rate would probably be stiffer than a Mustang i would bet . A fox body rack might work ,not sure what tie rods difference would be though .
To bad the bracket wouldn't work as it is because the motor mounts are made into the bracket so fitting a motor would be a snap .The Lincoln has the same type front suspension but it is air bag .
I looked into the crown Vic front suspension for my fox. I liked the idea of adjustable upper and lower control arms on the panther suspension. There are people that have shortened the rack...I'm sure you know that though.

You could probably move the mustang frame in 3 inches...cut the subrame behind the mounting bolt holes behind the lower control arm mounts. Bolt that to the frame. The center section would have to be fabricated out of steel. It would take integrating the aluminum subframe to the center section.

The section behind the lower control arm mounts will have to have enough material to be drilled through and sandwiched between the fabbed center section.

The force from the spring and lower control arm are going to want to twist the panther suspension at the lower control arm mounting point.

It can be done ( in theory ). Would take a lot of fabrication work.

I've never attempted this but I have put a lot of thought into it. It would be an awesome compliment to my IRS rear.

The CV also uses 0 offset wheels to reach its track width of 63.4 inches.

Edit; this fab would change the instant center of the mustang...a lot of geometry would need to be used to get it done correctly.

The geometry of the suspension could end up way off causing the mustang to handle bad.

Time is money....I'd rather spend the money for something an engineer designed for my car than risk botching a classic. Just my .02
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From what I've read and some math I did, narrowing this particular suspension without changing anything else improves the instant center. I plan to use tie rods which are as close to the same as the ones which are on the Vic. I'll just have to find a narrower rack which steers in the same direction.
I was much more interested in tackling this project when I thought I was going to be working indoors on it through the winter. It looks like a couple of friends projects will be taking my indoor work area, so I'll have plenty of time to draw and calculate this setup. My plan is to get it done for under 600.00 and then possibly market what I learned (drawings or pre-fab brackets with instructions) so others can make cop car Mustangs which are at least as good, if not better than Mustang 2 setups.
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Still Browsing the 'net to find more info on my plans.


I'm surprised at the negativity:nono:, and the willingness of some folks to spend money for us like we have it. (see above) I DO appreciate someone coming along and posting something I may not have thought of in my exuberance for improvement. Yes, there are a plethora of kits and pre-fabbed pieces out there, but there's something great about doing your own thing, especially when it comes out the way you planned. I understand that some wouldn't tackle a big project like I've proposed here, however, my talents and equipment are similar to Horse Sence (Hey you!:rolleyes:). I hope to be posting up pics of what I'm doing (measurements, jigs, etc.) as soon as I can get my friends to let me concentrate on my OWN stuff. ;)

Just had to rant for a moment.
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