86 302?

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15 Year Member
May 21, 2005
Tuscola, tx
OK I think it's fast enough now Thanks to all of you for your help.

We all know that's baloney :rolleyes:...

If you have/had a 462 powered first gen TA, then this probly ain't the same kinda fast. If you want it to be faster, just optimize. Noobz made a salient point about cam choice. But, unless you feel like swapping out the cam, try to work with what you have for right now and figure out where it's deficient. The B cam ain't a great grind, and the FRPP alphabet cams, again, are built on older cam profiles that were more like old carbed cams (this is me putting it very nicely where others on these forums straight up poo poo those cams). They'll produce a nice lope, and in some situations I've seen them work pretty well, but if you want to extract the most power out, custom is the way to go. Especially when working with strokers...the older lobe profiles aren't designed to compliment the accelerated piston speed and flow changes that are involved with a stroked 302. They're also not patterned to a particular set of heads. Going to Ed Curtis is certainly an option if you don't mind spending the ching to get every last bit of power out of your current combo.

Try tuning the carb and adjusting your timing on the dyno first to find out where it's falling flat...and go from there.
Thanks so much. The problem is I don't know what brand the stroker is/ Scatt, Probe... and neight does the bulider. I bought the car in 06, took the motor out and put in in my 66 along with a t5. So ther you have it.