88 gt need some help please


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Feb 7, 2010
I bought a 88 gt. somebody had already built the motor. and the guy i bought it from just traded it for a truck and didnt no what was done to it, or what they used. i just need some info. like the heads are aluminum but they have svo stamped in the end of them, anyone now what these mite be, and u look in the oil filler tupe and i can see comp cams rocker arms but how do i no if there solid, hydralic so on. u get it. there is no mass air flow sensor, will that make it idle funny. it intake manifold just says elderbrock, headers are stock, sounds like a mild cam, but it idles funny kinda like a honda with a bad throtle position sensor, any info would be awsome thanks.
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Jun 7, 2003
Akron, OH
88s unless its a California edition did not come with Mass Air, If your car has SVO heads, a cam and intake, it can very much run like crap. Most people before they add heads and an cam on a non mass air flow car do a mass air conversion to accuratly measure the airflow into an your engine. You may want to do this soon!