Progress Thread 89 hatch hydroplanedrifterweldeddiff thread:


im not that much of a idiot
Oct 25, 2019
Houston, TX
Still holding up great for now. Minus copious oil consumption. But no worries, more problems to come right around the bend!

To do list:
Hood hinges
Lights (again lol)
Felpro 61081/61082 tb/eger gaskets
Convert tb
Get EGR bored to 65mm
Clean n rebuild injectors
Drill&tap lower intake. $25
Port lower intake
Paint intakes.
Hydrodip valve covers
Valve cover gaskets
25% tint hatch window.
Install steering shaft mod, Weld, bolt thru, red loktite little allens on new joint
Steeda clutch cable kit. $105
LMR Solid mtr mount. $43.
MM alum. Rack bushings. $45
Window door molding. $45
Door weather stripping. 40
Lugnuts. 20

Mods on car alrdy:
Bigger radiator
E cam
Bbk shorty headers
Offroad x pipe
24lb injectors
3:73 gears
Short throw shifter
Rear stabilization brace

Stuff ive done/got $ cost so far:
Mufflers. 10/11
6k Bulbs
Ignition switch.
($291. Order #1)
Strut tower brace. $70.
Muffler weld on 130.00
Autozone battery 10/10/19. 150.00
Msd plug wires. Freebie included
Bond,title tax, reg.. $365.00
Battery holddown $10.
Wipers. $45
1" spacers. $55. 1160
(Order #2. )
Msd iridium plugs. 55
Subframe connector. 160
Upper/lower Torque box reinforce. 90
(Order #2. 328.00)
Hood vents. 25
Oil change. 40
(Order #3)
New rear drum rebuild kit. 87
Rear drums. 70
Temp sensor for computer 23
Oil pres. Sensor 20.
(Order #3 $216)
Welded diff 250
Oils 25
(Order #4. $74)
Led interior light
Led license plate bulbs
Pcv valve
Coolant temp sending unit
(Order #4 ^^)
Fixed radio. $4.00. Blown fuse head unit
Trans fluid. 11/28/19
(Order #5)
Passenger door handle.
K&n fuel filter
Msd ignition coil
(Order #5. $83)
Gt40 intake/tb/19lb inj. $150
Oreillys fuel pump. 2/2/20. $95
Driverside bellow boot lucas p.s oil $30
Eibach sportline springs. 150
Solid steering shaft conv. $30.
QA1 single adj. Shocks. $30
Aluminum drive shaft. $160.
Axle pair. $80
LCA's w/ spherical bushing. $50
Hood $50. Bondo&pins $18. Wrap $30
Starter solenoid oreilly 5/30/20. $20
Battery terminals. $7.00
Oil drain bolt. 3.00
Double adj UCA's w/ spherical. $75.00
Blackpath upper sphericals. $83.00
Rh window motor 7/9/20 handle/tool 100
Rear shoes again $22
Wheel cylinder again $15
1995 gt 70mm maf. 7/10/20 $40
Adapter & filter. $17
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Am I the only one that just found out that that car is way better than I thought ? Lol.

With that hatch rust might be best to just swap out to another one. There's a bunch of work needed in that thing.
Preciate it. Was slacking last weekend and did'nt take pics of before/after rear brakes. Next set of rear tires will be 245/45/17. Those are 245/40's and i cant stand the height diff. between front and rear fenders. Hopefully that works, or i'll have to change wheels to black Cobra r's for the time being.

edit: i checked the spark plug on my known "bad" cylinder. and was carbon'ed up pretty bad. So i broke the carbon off and cleaned it up, and the misfire went away i think. Really makes me think its a valve seal/seat/guide related issue and not a piston ring. B/c if a ring was bad, or compression was low b/c of bad ring and causing the misfire cleaning the plug would'nt give me my power back.
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Nice looking fox. I agree on the hatch..... just look for another one! Other than that, looks like you have a nice project!
I like the garage floor too. Gray peeling paint looks just Iike mine. :)
Get a spark plug non fouler. They sell them in the help section of most parts stores. It'll help keep oil off the plug. If those are 10 inch wide tires should be between 275 and 295.

This should help you get the tire size where you want.

preciate ya. lol, ya rdub. The floor paint is around 15 years old. Seeing that i need to buy the rear window molding anyways, it def. makes sense to just get a hatch. Maybe ill get that paint code and just paint it myself when i do that.

I'll check that out for sure sickfox. Just googled it- good looking out! I'll try it out. Did'nt know there was such a thing. Yes, they are 10in wheels in the back, but i did'nt want 275's b/c i was trying to slide easier, and less expense.. The width don't bother me as far as the "stretch" on the rim goes. Its just the tire height compared to front.

The slight miss went away completely after cleaning that plug. Ran good tonight.
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Passenger side finished... wont take pics for drivers side since samething.
ok i didnt load them in order. I felt smart for a few minutes at least. Winning.

Gonna weld them in also tomas. Just for fun/practice welding for the SFC's.
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That sound deadening stuff is a PITA. Dry ice works the best that I've seen. When it's cold it'll crack off in chunks.
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*was a PITA till it met torch.
Not a bad idea w/ dry ice, but Propane torch is where it's at. Did otherside for about a minute. Peeled it like butter. It was a thing of beauty. Lol.

Picked up the spark plug non fouler from autozone and put it on the bad cylinder as well. As the misfire started to come back today. Back to good, so will see if it works now. Looks like it should.
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Todays update: put coolant temp sensor in. Guage works now. Stoked on that.

And... before and after LED interior light
lol, before and after license plate LED's. wheel change (needed 9's in the back)
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Look at this welding job i did. Lmao. Some are ok, some terrible. It's a lot stiffer though and reduced body roll no doubt.

There is big gaps between frame and SFC in a few of the weld spots i didnt bother with. The gaps dont show up on those pics. But its like 1/8inch. And just could'nt get good beads on the other parts for some reason. I did some practice beads on a piece in a vice and got it satisfactory. But went to weld on the frame and SFC and the welder was just popping a lot. Not sure why. Also very close to gas line there on passenger side so only did inside of that SFC.

Was just screwing around on that torque box. Prolly go back and weld that up next wknd.
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