Drivetrain 89 LX cruise control ?'s


Jan 19, 2020
Sioux Falls, SD
Hi all, first timer here. Have an '89 vert with surging cruise control, and I've seen some conflicting stories about the cruise cable adjustment at the TB. To take out slack you pull the cable toward the front of the engine until there's tension, correct? I've seen some posts of people doing the opposite and pushing the black adjusting end in toward the firewall until it stops but it just goes all the way through the adjuster. Pretty sure I have it right pulling it forward with a slight tension but just making sure.

A weird second question: what wire would have a ground signal/current when the cruise is activated? Looking at my EVTM book it looks like the light blue-black wire going to the amplifier would have at least some voltage when activated and zero when turned off. Reason for asking is I am putting in a Dakota Digital dash and would like to wire the cruise control light. According to instructions it just needs a grounded signal when cruise is on. TIA
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