89 Mustang w/Haltech


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Mar 29, 2008
Ive got an 89 gt that i installed a Haltech E6 stand alone engine management system in it that i got second hand, does anyone have experience with one of these systems in a mustang? I've got the system installed and the car running but it doesn't run great. I've got a stock short block with motorsports f-cam, afr 185 heads, trickflow track intake, and an intercooled procharger running about 8 pounds of boost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks
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May not be the answer you want to hear, but take it out sell it, and put the Harness and computer back to stock.
The stock computer can handle those mods easily and effeciently, but if you want to tweak the computer more, which for some unknown reason people want to, even though the stock comp is plenty good, get one of the better known DIY systems like the PMS or tweecer.

And just so you know, without a dyno or wideband the percentage of chance that you get the setup right with a standalone setup is near 0.
It's tough enough finding a shop that knows what they are doing with the accel DFI standalone system, you are really rolling the dice with a haltech on a domestic car.