90 mm maf

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It can be done, and has been done.

The wiring needs to be taken care of, as the plugs are different.
The size of the meter can make it tougher to mount into the stock intake tract, but that can be worked out...

The hard part is that a custom tune is REQUIRED via a J3 chip.
This is pretty straight forward if you have the equipment though.

I have a 90mm LMAF to go on my 408w, but the motor is still in the rebuild process.......

Still interested?
Yes I checked SCT's website and they sell the adapter for the maf plug. So then its just the custom tune the hard part. I guess its worth it if running a modded motor which requieres tuning.

Sorry, but I think I misread your first post...

You have an SCT meter, which was previously used on a Lightning?
If so...

then all you need to do is get the SCT meter 'recalibrated' for your ecu/injector setup.
No custom tune needed...
Correct me if i'm mistaken but i think the 2600 meter is for a high hp application, 400rwhp+ .
I'd look into that before even getting into it.

Everything i see of it says 400rwhp to 725rwhp.

Those meters have a good resale value, you may just want to sell it on ebay or on svtperformance.