'90 Seats


Aug 2, 2011
I have been trying to decide on a set of seats for my '90 lx project for a year now. I found a set of Recaro seats on ebay. They are black with red stitching. My interior is all black and the outside of the car is a dark blue color. Do you guys think they will look ok?
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They do come with sliders. I have had the most trouble finding a pair of seats I like. I have the regular sport seats in my lx. Thought about doing the seat foam and recovering or just buying the replacements from latemodelrestoration.com. Can't make up my mind what I want.
Are those actual Recaro Seats? There are a lot of fake Recaro or "Recaro Style" on ebay. Buy them and you will be ok for a while, but the cheap foam padding will start to break down.

I would ask to see some proof they are real Recaros.
Without the name on the seats, I was wondering if they were going to be imitation. I didn't make it to the local swap meet this year. Was wanting to find a set of seats there. I think I am being too hard to please.