93 2.3 Temp Sender Replacement


New Member
Jan 16, 2013
hello fellow enthusiasts i have a 2.3 5 speed that will not activate the fan. the fan works when i jumped it to the battery, i was able to hook it to a switch in the interior with a relay and still use the car. i wanna actually fix the problem now. i had this problem 2 yrs ago and the IRCM was to blame so it was replaced. i have replaced the IRCM again with a reman unit from o'reilly's, i replaced the ECT. im gonna try to replace the temp sender on the block. i have pretty easy access to it from under the car. as i was looking in the manual it does not tell me to drain the coolant. it just says to remove cap to release pressure, im thinking ill need to drain the coolant. suggestions?
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