93 Cobra Intake on 89 LX


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Dec 7, 2003
Confused, need answers. Did a search and read a hundred posts about Cobra Intakes. Maybe I'm just slow, but came away with even more questions. Exactly what do I need to install this other than the obvious gaskets, bolts? How will my EGR hook up.
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Simple bolt on really. That's how the vac lines will go. EGR bolts onto the side. Only thing eliminated are the two coolant hoses that went to the EGR spacer. Ditch em
Also, you'll need 4 new bolts to bolt the TB to the intake.

For gaskets, you'll need a lower intake gasket kit, which may or may not come with the upper to lower intake gasket. Also you'll need a TB gasket.

Cross-reference your parts to a '93 Cobra, but regular 5.0 HO gaskets will work. You could also try asking for gaskets for a 96+ explorer with the 5.0. I believe i had to do this when AZ didn't have a upper to lower gasket for a '93 CObra. I asked for a gasket from a '96 explorer and they had one.

Also, you'll need RTV for the install to seat the lower intake.

One trick for installing the lower intake is to buy 2 or 4 studs that are about 6" long that will thread into the block. I beleive they are 3/8". You might want to pull 1 intake bolt and then run to the store and match it up. Cut the heads off the bolts. When you have the intake off, thread them by hand into the 4 corners. Lay your gaskets and RTV and then lower the intake down on the studs to drop it into place. Put in your bolts, remove the 4 studs and put the rest of the bolts in and then torque them down from inside out in a criss-cross patten. I beleive you want to torque to 26 ft-lbs.