95 gt build


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Apr 7, 2017
Sigh @RioRed95Cobra you've added so much value to this thread. It's possible to disagree with someone's well-justified opinion without sounding like an unhinged child, a point which seems lost on you.

Yeah I understand, a lot of folks don't work on their own cars, or perhaps shouldn't. Speaking of which, shouldn't you be getting back to your Vortech install that won't start for a few weeks now instead of spending your time rolling on the floor laughing?


ROFL indeed.

Oh I figured it out, but thanks for letting us all know built motors are more trouble than making stock ones make 400 hp to beat an overpriced '03 cobra.

Car started just fine, maybe you missed all the reading you shoulda done.

Look, i'd be mad too if my car looked like the reject version of Bumblebee. Que paso
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Jan 4, 1985
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A couple of folks over in @Mustang5L5 's turned me onto a couple of articles talking about souped up 4-link (really now a 5-link with a panhard or Watts or even a 3-link if someone takes the torque arm route) vs. and IRS swap.

Still some mixed emotions out there about how good one can be made versus the other. I don't think my Stang will ever see that kind of duty. I'm looking for a compromise for some street manners.

I think if I ever actually went with an IRS swap, I'd have to do some sort of wide-body/mini-tub to go along with it.


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Mar 11, 2012
Lol I didn't leave the thread, it just turned out like they all do. I am not going to get serious about auto crossing, and I said that. It seems that some of yall keep getting caught up on that. I just want a good handling mustang which is very possible. I dont expect to compete, just want to have fun. My main goal is to have a fun street car and I just wanted some advice. But since I dont want huge dyno numbers or to drag race my car good advice is hard to come by. That's why I started this thread. I appreciate everyone that tried to help.