96 A-ARMS ON 88 LX??


Apr 13, 2004
I Have an 88lx that i picked up and i was wondering if you could put 96 gt a-arms on it without any issues or even if it may be a benefit.the reason im asking is because i planned to do ball joints and i just put brand new ones in my 96then did tubulur front.so i got these.plus im going to be using 98 front spindles with 98 gt rims that are 8inch wides.so i know the spindles will work fine but i just didnt know about the control arms? any1s help is appreciated.thanks

oh and how is this going to effect tie rods and stuff.can i use the fox ones?
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They are longer. If you use them, they will push the bottoms of the wheels outward while tucking the top in. Great for a track car, bad for a street car.

Just swap the balljoints over