1. K

    Bone stock 2002 4.6 Cobra need performance upgrades

    I have a stock 2002 4.6 Cobra. Wondering if and intake spacer would help much at all or a larger than stock throttle body (70 or 72 or 75 or 77...) would add much...or both? Should I look toward a different than stock intake manifold? Reprogrammed chip or programmable chip or ECU? Headers...
  2. J

    Cooling fan kills motor

    I have a 2002 Mustang Gt with comp cams 270 and a few other bolt ons. Whenever i start the car it idles and drives fine, until the fan comes on. If the car is sitting and idling and the fan kicks on for temperature, it’ll instantly kill the motor. If I’m driving and the fan is on and i come to a...
  3. M

    SVO Supercharger on 02 GT

    Hey all, there is a guy locally selling one of the older Ford SVO Superchargers, which I believe are based on the M112. It's supposedly modified to work with PI. Is this worth looking into? Anyone on here had/have one? I've been wanting to do a power adder for a couple years now and this seems...
  4. 0

    Where does this short (5-6 inch) wire go?

    Does this look like a ground? 2003 mustang GT. Replaced intake and now reverse lights,speedo, and blower motor is out. Could this have something to do with it? The wire is only about 5-6 inches long and literally nowhere to plug up. Any ideas?
  5. P

    TB just replaced, still have knocking sound.

    I had just finished replacing the TB, pilot bearing, rear main seal, clutch, etc. On my 96 cobra because of a knocking sound whenever the clutch pedal was all the way out. After about 30-40 mins of driving to test it out, the same exact knocking sound is back. Im pretty sure I replaced it...
  6. P

    Help please!! 4.6 4v black box!!

    I own a 96 Cobra, and I am having huge trouble with the hoses coming from the CAI to the valve cover, and the hose from the CAI to the IAC. The one going to the valve cover doesnt fit properly causing a vacuum leak, and I cant find the hose anywhere!! Its like it doesnt exist. Then the second...
  7. P

    96 Cobra PCV Valve hoses

    So im having a problem with the pcv valve hoses not properly fitting and I cant find the proper hoses anywhere. I want to just delete the hoses altogether can anybody provide some instructions on how to do that?? I can only find posts on the 03-04 cobras. Im pretty new to working on cars so Im...
  8. mclang

    2006 Mustang GT Turbo Build - Megasquirt?

    Hi all. This is my first post to the forum. I did try searching for old posts to answer my question.. But could not find anything after a few minutes. I purchased a turbo kit for my 2006 Mustang GT. I would like to go the Megasquirt route for tuning if possible. I have a friend who does MS...
  9. P

    Help with overheating 4.6 4v!!

    I recently purchased a 96 mustang cobra and the car was overheating so I flushed and replaced the coolant, but no help. Every time I drive the car for about 20 mins the engine bay smokes and theres hot coolant leaking from the reservoir. After some research, I am going to replace the thermostat...
  10. P

    Help please!!! Coolant crossover 4.6 4v

    I recently purchased a 96 mustang cobra and I noticed that my coolant crossover tube is very rusty on the outside as well as inside. Its very hard to find a crossover tube replacement so Ive been looking at a delete kit instead. A bit pricey, but my question is I see all these kits change the t...
  11. Mad Mod

    Dual Blade TB on a 2v

    I've been hunting for the most cost effective plenum option for a 2v. My major concern was that I'd like to not spend the money on an aftermarket plenum for a Pi/stock intake manifold as I will be using a Victor Jr in the future and I refuse to choke out the 4150 flange with a mmr adapter...
  12. D

    96 GT On3 turbo kit part suggestions

    So I plan on putting the On3 turbo on my gt and I am trying to get 400hp on it. I was wondering what parts I would need to get or that would be smart to get. I already know that the stock rods and pistons tend to go out around 400-450hp and I plan on buying them but I don't know what sizing...
  13. justinc87

    2005 4.0 to 4.6/5.0 Swap

    Hello everyone, Yes, I am aware there are plenty of other posts regarding this. Just want some specific info without looking 20 places if anyone can help. I have a 4.0 that's getting close to 200k on it, and shortly after purchasing it, it developed transmission issues. So I am just going to...
  14. S

    Hello new Mustang owner here

    Am a new owner for a 2003 Mustang cobra it has a modular engine with a supercharger and a cold air intake that extends into the passenger side fender. I am here to educate myself on this engine. I am trying to locate a shop manual online if it is available. My current major issue is with the...
  15. T

    No power to the MAF Sensor

    Having troubles starting my 03 gt 4.6 , I get cranking but no firing. Hooked the scanner up for the live stream while cranking and my MAF reading stays at 0.09 lbs... After cranking the car I’m hearing a air leak near the firewall by the passenger side. I’ve wiggled the hoses to see if the...
  16. K

    Traction Control Wont work ( I stall burning out ): )

    I have a 4.6L manual s197. My traction control button stopped working. When I press the button by the radio the traction control off light turns on. So the button says traction control off in orange. On the dash however it does not light up that my traction control is off. At this point my...
  17. Levi.Productions

    300WHP for $3000

    Alright so I have a 1996 Mustang GT that I am looking to mod. So far for power upgrades it only has a cold air intake. The engine has 260,000kms. I've got a budget of $3000 Canadian (2250 for you Americans) and I'm trying to plan out my build for this spring. My main thing at the moment is...
  18. P

    Help new codes 4.6 swap

    I changed my pcm and now I get a new set of codes thrown by the pcm would you guys be able to help me fix this?
  19. Hudson N

    Belt tensioner wearing a hole in timing cover. Help

    04 gt, just replaced my belt and idle pulley, I dont know what I did, but the belt tensioner is rubbing on the timing cover, my belt routing looks good, my idle pulley looks fine, I think from pulling the tensioner and it being OEM it might just be worn, I adjusted everything and it doesn't run...
  20. Hudson N

    Anybody know what this bolt hole is for?

    2004 gt, factory intake manifold, this bolt hole behind the throttle body towards the passenger side, goes into the plastic manifold, what's it for? Just wondering if somethings supposed to go there. (In the photo it's the hole with the brass sleeve there, between the TB spring and cable)