96 K-member in 89 Fox - track width?


Admin Dude
Nov 29, 1999
Auburn, AL
Hey guys,

Working on BTC and we plan to test fit a 96+ K-member in with later model control arms and spindles... we are doing this to test fit some headers for clearance so we can tell if they fit that setup then we know the headers will fit all years from 04 and back most likely.

If was to keep this setup on the car for a while, what happens to the front track width?

I know 96+ spindles add 8mm of width BUT the late model wheels have -8mm of backspacing, this offsets the difference, but this data has only been given in example of a early model K-member (not even mentioning the bumpsteer problem of late spindles on an early K-member), but not seen any data if you swap the entire K-member out.

Where does that leave the track width? Where will the 17x9s be sitting in the wheel well?

Thanks for any help.
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