SOLD 99 35th Gt Fully Built

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Apr 16, 2003
Houston, TX
I've decided to sell the stang. I had a new shortblock built for it and a few things upgraded while it sat. While it has been down I sent the hotside to Polydyne to be coated ($650), purchased a new edelbrock intake with 6061 upper, fuel rails, and also sent the valve body back to PA for a rebuild. Currently it only needs the upper intake bolted up along with a few odds and ends as well as bolting up the hotside piping.

Issues it has is it may need tires as it has been sitting for six months and new wastegates as last time it ran I wasn't able to build more than 12lbs of boost. The tuner wanted me to bring it back so he could look closer at it to see if any lines were not hooked up properly before I replaced the wastegates but never did. The turbo kit was initially a budget kit built by a friend but I upgraded parts over time. The only time on the dyno it made 575rwhp @ 12lbs. This was with a bullitt intake, stock cams, and VT stage ll n/a heads through an M5. All of those have been changed since. It also has a spray bar on the intercooler in case I ever decided to spray it. Years ago I had a nitrous setup and removed the kit but left all of the wiring in place just in case. It has TTll 17x8/17x11s but if interested also have a set of TTll skinnies with paper still on the tires, MT front runners and ET streets in the rear.

5.0 forged stroker with 9:1 compression(fresh, never started)
Houston Performance heads/cams
Edelbrock intake(new) w/6061 elbow, accufab tbody
SCT 2800 maf
Twin 60mm turbos w/freshly Polydyne coated piping

Tubular k-member
Coil overs on all 4 corners
Adjustable shocks/struts
Upper/lower control arms
31 spline axles w/hardened studs
Performance Automatic 4r70w w/manual valve body, transbrake, 3500 stall
B&M pro ratchet shifter

60lbs injectors
Aeromotive return style fuel setup, sumped tank

AEM eboost2 controller
AEM air/fuel gauge(nib)
Autometer fuel and oil pressure gauges
Pioneer Avic Z1 dvd/navigation head unit
JL Audio speakers and 10” sub

$12,000 obo
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Tomorrow I'm taking some pics to email to a shop so he can give me a quote on finishing it. I also have someone coming over who wants to offer me a car plus cash though I don't care for another vehicle.

This intake bolts are alittle too long which is why it is not installed. I would think it would also need new tires from sitting as well as a new battery. It currently has 3.73s but I also have a pair of 3.31s I planned to install. Minor things would be to also drain the fuel. Since it is a sumped return setup all that would be needed to be done is pull the plug on the sump and perhaps flush with fresh gas. I do also have a new air/fuel gauge which needs to be installed. When I did the auto conversion we wired everything together but I do have a new transmission harness to install to make everything look much cleaner.

As anyone knows who has built something similar it costs a small fortune. Heck I have $3-4k in the stereo alone, lol. Had I decided to keep it I would have replaced the front seats as the driver's side is alittle worn and I also wanted to have a stereo shop build me a bezel for my shifter. I like everything very clean and prefessional looking. My goal was to have an extremely clean and original street car that could also put up some great numbers at the track. If you're local we can arrange for you to take a look at it but if not I can post some more pics.
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