A couple questions about my new motor


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Aug 22, 2005
I picked up another motor for a decent price the other day and had a couple questions. First, the guy said theres forged keith Black 8:1 compression pistons in there, Could I be able to tell the difference between a Hypertectic piston and a forged piston by just pulling off the head? or would I actually have to take the piston out? Second, Im planning on spraying a 100 shot but wasnt sure how good it would do on low compression, would you guys recomend getting higher compression pistons? or does it even matter that much?

Thanks in advance
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The only logical solution would be to get a supercharger to go with those low-compression forged pistons. :D

8:1 seems pretty low for a naturally aspirated motor. If I were building up a motor, I would probably go for at least 9:1.
First off Keith Black does make forged slugs. Second, nitrous don't care about compression ratio. Third and not to bash, I would like to see an 8:1 compression ratio engine (didn't know they went that low, it could be possible). If your compression is that low a blower should be in your future. You should be able to tell the difference by looking at the piston by pulling the head, yes. Go to summits site and look at the different pistons (forged and hypers) that they have.