AC not blowing cold


Jun 22, 2019
My 2010 Mustang GT has a new blendor, new radiator fan, and brand new compressor & kit (valves, hoses, sensors).
STILL DOES NOT WORK. Mechanics are stumped & I’m at wits (and money) end. What could it be???? DESPERATE
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Jul 16, 2018
St Johns
One other question, did they replace your cabin air filter with all tje AC work? If not, it is any easy thing to check and you should. If clogged, it will cause your AC to work badly or not at all.


New Member
Aug 17, 2019
Boynton Beach, FL
I also have a 2010 Mustang with 72K mi on the clock. I also have the same problem and after about $500 spent, I still have no (or very intermittent ) AC. Two mechanics (one a Ford tech) have told me that the problem is with the computer (ECM). However, after sending the ECM out for repair, the shop told me that they couldn't duplicate the problem. The AC works great if a jumper is placed across the relay in the under the hood fusebox.

Any ideas for what the cause could be would be appreciated.

@Theprincess, Did you ever get your AC working
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