aftermarket hood question


New Member
May 14, 2005
I just bought a cobra r hood and i recieved it today. however, ive never done any body work before and im a little worried that the hood won't fit right. because ive never done body work before i don't really know what im looking at/for. the hood does have some small imperfections but i think they can be sanded out. however i went to fit the hood to my car today, and i have two problems.

1) the hood doesn't close all the way. the safety latch catches, but when i push down the primary latch doesn't catch most of the time and the hood just pops back up.

2) the left side of the hood has a bigger gap than the right side. i tried adjusting both the rubber stoppers and the hinges but that doesnt work. i tried moving the fender in but it wouldn't really move. i loosened the three bolts under the hood and the two behind the headlight. are there anymore?

Ive done some searching on here but i guess I just wanted to be able to bolt the hood on and have it be perfect right out the door. But because it doesnt fit perfectly my initial reaction is to want to send the hood back. but from what ive read this is normal. any suggestions as to what i should do next would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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