Air Bag Help


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Mar 20, 2010
Phoenix, AZ
Air Bag HELP!!!!

I just bought a 1995 Ford Mustang coupe automatic V6, and sometimes when i turn on the car, the air bag light will come on and stay on. Then sometimes it will come on and turn off. It didnt come on when I went to look at the car before i bought it. Why is it doing it now?? And Why it is doing it only sometimes? Is something starting to go out?

When i turn it on, it flashes at me like 3 or 4 times then it stops, then it flashes again and stops, then its flashes and stays on. But sometimes it will just turn off like normal. I just dont get it. :shrug: Please help me
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There is definitely a problem with the airbag system, sensors or airbag module. The airbag light is flashing to indicate a code. When you first turn it on and it starts to flash, count the number of flashes until it stop ( that's the first number in the code). When it flashes again, count them once more (that's the second number of the code) Airbag codes are typically 2 digits (first flash pattern, then second pattern). Count the 2 numbers and post it here ... or try searching it on google then post it here. Then we all can work from there to find out what the code is for.
ok so, i took my mustang to the shop yesterday, and the guy hooked up his computer to it to see whats wrong with the airbags. The airbag light is flashing 4 times so code 44, but his computer is saying code 64 which means Intermittent or Repaired System Disarm Failure or Internal Diagnostic Monitor Fault. What does that really mean? Are my airbags ok or is something wrong with them? He reset the system so the light doesnt flash anymore but why would it flash the code 44 but it really a code 64? Do i have anything that i need to be worry about or is everything ok??