All Joking Aside, What Would You Do?


Aug 30, 2005
Ok as some as you know I bought a 89 roller that had never been wrecked, just minor surface rust in a couple spots for 200$. I have since stripped it down to frame. When removing dash I noticed that rats, dogs or something has destroyed the dash wiring harness. Ive looked for one, used they are going for couple hundred bucks. I also need interior, I want all black. I picked up all grey interior minus seats, and dash for 130$. I found a 90 LX Auto, full car with over 200,000 miles, it has huge rust hole in rear quarter, and rear fender rust. It also has full black interior, only problem is its a sun roof car and has sit and leaked for 4 or 5 years on interior. Im not sure if the plastic pieces of interior are scratched up or not but interior is very dirty. I can get whole car for 500$ but have to drive about 4 hrs to pick up. I planned on getting in and keeping interior, inside wiring, lx taillight, stock 10 hole wheels, short block, and maybe fenders. Im borrowing the 500 from a friend who doesnt think its a good idea, what do you think? I planned on selling tranny, rest of motor, hood, spoiler, hatch, sunroof, bumpers, engine wiring harness and computer, stock suspension (whats sellable), and anything else left, and finally selling the frame of car to someone wanting to start a project. What could I make on parting the rest of it out like that, just throwing a guess out? I just need to make enough back to pay him the 500$ back and hopefully a lil more to help fund my project. Sorry if any of my questions are not allow, mods feel free to remove if needed, I just need some honest advice.
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Joking aside? It sounds like you're counting your chickens before the eggs are hatched and embarking on a project that you don't have the financial means to support. I would NEVER borrow money for a car project, and borrowing from a friend for ANY reason is usually a bad idea.

You should know by now that money in this game doesn't usually find it's way back into your pocket. I wouldn't expect you to get all your money back by parting out that car, if even half of it.

But that's just me man. You're free to do things as you see fit.
As mentioned above, I wouldn't build a car on credit. Especially from friends, that's how friendships are ruined. Just stack some money up until you have enough to fund what you need without borrowing from people.
troof. putting any money into that thing is a complete waste if you think you are getting anything other than personal enjoyment from it. save your pennies and scour the classifieds. By the time you have some cash you will run across the parts you need and hell you may even be able to trade for some of them.
x6 (is that the number now?)

Borrowing money is NOT for modding a Mustang. If you can't afford it cash right now, you shouldn't be trying to. Harsh lesson, but definately a reality, as you would most lilely be ruining any friendship you had with said person. Adding that he doesn't agree with the purchase, just makes it even more of a "red flag".

With that said, water getting inside the car might mean nothing, it might mean only the plastics are usable. Carpet isn't expensive if it's damaged, but if your borrowing for the car, your probably not going to shell out the $$ for new carpet. Seats are not cheap, and waterlogged, smelly seats are a BAD idea. They can be cleaned and reused, but do you have the means to do this?

Parting out a car is a GREAT thing, but not a garantee. You will have to do all the work, all the listing, all the meeting with buyers, all the haggeling, and you WILL sit on parts for days/months/years and possibly forever. Some parts sell in minutes, others you can't give away.

In the end, if you have the time, money, and resources, what you propose sounds good. If your borrowing money, banking on selling used stock parts to recoup it, and live at a place that frowns on junk cars in the lot, it might not be your best bet.
It would change the stakes quite a bit yes. I think we are all in agreement a friendship should be valued at more than $500. That being said, if you get there and its beat up and too far gone and you cant recoup your money, you are only out the 4 hour drive each way. There is no obligation for you to purchase it until you hand him the dollars.
If you had the money saved up then yes, but if you have to get a loan period, dont do it. The car isnt going anywhere. As badly as you want it ready to go right now putting it on hold is probably the best thing to do. You might even find a better deal on a nicer interior while you are at it.
To me the inside wiring, taillights, black seatbelts, and what's savable inside is worth 500$ I agree about the 500$ friendship thing but he is cool about loaning the money cause i've helped him out before, but I do see what your saying.

will 90 interior and seat belts even bolt up right in my 89?