Roush Alot of foxbody verts on ebay


SN Certified Technician
Aug 8, 2003
looks like there's a few (that's alot IMO).

Loved this one, but the red interior kills it for me.

This one is pretty sweet, but some moron put cobra rims on it. Has the originals, but chose to not put them on for the pics, so at first glance imo it looks like a fake. Looks to be an auto also.

And this one has been on a few times. Not a big fan of the gold
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yeah man, i noticed this as well. the red interior & lack of FloFits really kills the sale of that car. speaking of FloFits, i scored a front & rear full matching set of 87-89 Saleen FloFit seats w/ red piping & netted headrests for my car. once in a lifetime deal! cant wait to get them in.