Am I going to be sorry?


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Nov 28, 2001
Paw Paw MI
For the first time in 10 years I'm going to be spending some real money on my 66 mustang. I've owned this car almost 18 years so it's not going anywhere soon.:rolleyes:

I'm looking to update the completely stock, but in good shape, front suspension. As I have money to spend finally, it is not limitless and has other serious area in the car to go. I'm trying to talk myself out of a TCP coilover kit because of the price. By the time I add up the price for tubulars I'm almost there.

If this thing is lightyears ahead of my stock suspension I'll go for it. If not, I'd like to put the money elsewhere.

This car will be 90% street use with superior handeling as a goal. Firm susp is ok but I'd like to stay away from bone jarring. The car will be very lowered and am trying to put 245 40 17's on the front.

Any advice? Thanks
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No reason to have a bone jarring suspension.
I sure don't have one and my car handles better than a lot of new cars. Heck, today at my local auto-x I beat a '03 Mach I, 05 GT Mustang, 93 5.0, 86 5.0 and a highly modified 65 fastback with global west suspension and rack and pinon steering.

Parts like roller spring perches, strut rods with heim joint and larger sway bars go a long way to making your Mustang actually handle. Actually wouldn't recommend a 17" rim up front for good handling thought. 17" wheels are heavy and add to unsprung weight. Unless you need them to clear brakes you would be much better with a smaller diameter rim. Personally I plan to run a 245 45-16 up front soon and it would be a 15" rim if tire selection allowed.
My 67 coupe has Konis on all four corners. The PO did some front end work to lower the stock suspension and as far as I can tell, the rear is still the stock 4 leaf. The car handles and rides better than any Camaro I've had before. Having a four speed manual trans helps a lot too. I have 245-50x15s on all four wheels and they just barely clear the fenders, but I do have rubbing on the rears if I hit a dip at too high of a speed.
I have the TCP front. It took me quite a while to get it dialed in , but I am now very happy with it. I swapped out the 500# springs for 400# springs and finally found a guy who could align it properly. I'm running 0* camber, 3/16 toe-in, 3* cater on driver's side and 3.5* on pass. side. Very nice now.

That said, you should definitely look into roller perches, a 1" sway bar, 550# or 620# springs and an adjustable strut rod. You can have the lower control arm boxed to strengthen it. This would be a lot less costly that a TCP and probaby 90-95% as good. Also, stregthen your shock tower bracing if you will go-a-carving corners.
17's are going to be manditory. I'm going to use a Mustang Steve brake kit.

This car has always been built with serious budget restrictions. If I can do 90% of what a TCP can do for half the money I should stick to building it with an old style build. The biggest expence in a front build up is the upper and lower control arms. If I can stick with stock units it will save alot of money.

I've never ridden in a car with a coilover to compare it to anything else. So buing one is a $2200 leap of faith.......:shrug: