American Muscle (or Other) Coupon Codes?

Hi guys,

I'm looking to order a couple parts, the LED brake light (to match my tail lights), shorty antenna (as an aside has anyone had any issues with shorty antennas in terms of reception or noise), and maybe a couple other smaller items. Just wondering if anyone knows of any deals or coupons, its always nice to save a little bit, plus I find the shipping to Canada is always a rip off so it would be great to even that out.

I've never ordered from American Muscle, the only place I have actually ordered from is Brenspeed, so if you have any suggestions of other places, coupons etc. that would be awesome.

Talk to you all later, hopefully I'll get my rims/summer tires on today too, I've definately got the spring itch.

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I have the 8" antenna on both S197s and my Explorer. From what I've noticed, if there's bad reception with the regular antenna, it will be worse with the 8" antenna. But stations that come in good won't be affected. If you're worried about it, go with the 14" antenna.
It all depends on how powerful the stations are. I can drive to Iowa City (56 miles away from the radio station) and I only lose them about 5 minutes before I get there. I was quite surprised when that happened. That's no different than with the full antenna. So like I said. If the signal is strong, you'll be fine. If the signal is weak, you'll lose it.
I took the factory antenna and shortened it to just above the roof line. Its 19” looks much better and I haven’t noticed any loss of radio reception… done this on all my previous mustangs.