Another Seafoam question.

I know theres alot of seafoam question threads, but if i put it through a vacum line to the crankcase, what do i do next? I read on some other forums you empty it? How do i do that. I thought u just left it. Does it come out with an oil change? i dont get it. also, is putting it in ur gas tank make ur car run ****ty? I have an autox event coming and im curious to know if makes ur car run lean? Thx for the help in advance. Peace
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DougNuts said:
I would not drive the car with it in the oil, especially not at high RPMs.

I do not believe seafoam is a lubricant.

It wont hurt it, I run a shop and we reccommend it all the time, it cleans sticky lifters ect. as long as you don't dump more than a third of a can, that's what you are supposed to do.
just used a can in my car...the smoke show was unbelievable...tons of smoke coming from the exhaust for at least 10 idles so much better and drives great now...I put half the can in the gas tank, about a third in the vacuum line, and the rest in the crankcase...should I change the oil soon now?
There is a product which is in an aerosol can for cleaning TB's, etc. It might work better for TB cleaning.