Any Suggestions??


Feb 4, 2008
Miami, FL
Well, as some of you know, im able to get something off ebay for free cuz of a friend of mine. well, i recently found out that i dont have a MAF and started questioning it. My friend (previous owner) told me it has speed density cuz its an 87. i was surprised, so now i dont need a MAF. what should i get for $100? or around that much. max $110. i dont wanna push it. If you find anything that can come in handy performance wise, plz tell me. i have a cobra intake getting installed (finishing it up today) 1.7RR which are going to be installed very soon (tomorrow) and a 65mm TB.
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save up and do a mass air conversion. do a search in tech and get some info on it.

It's needed if you ever want to swap in heads or go to a better cam. speed density has a hard time compensating with certian mods, it usually gets really rich and bad idle problems and you have to tune it, which is a little more tricky than a mass air car to tune also. some food for thought.

If not open a college fund :D .
A friend of mine let another guy buy him a watch...

What he wanted a little while later in return was, well I'm sure some can figure it out. Needless to say my friend said no, avoids the kid, yet still has the watch, so it might work for you in the end.

$100, maybe some underdrives or real cheap headers?
lmao oh god dont start with the gay thing again. i dont wanna be banned lol. but besides that, i think i know what im getting. he said he'll pay for it. and no lie, the reason he wants to pay another $50 is cuz i gave him the shoe box of pokemon cards i had laying in the corner of my closet. Im gonna get myself a comp cam powermax with the lifters in the box for $155
Ask if you can see his
I was talking about the camshaft. make sure to use plenty of assembly lube when you insert it into the block. go slow and rotate it every so often so you dont knick a lobe.
i know. i helped put my brothers cam in his. but do u think this cam is good with gt40 heads, cobra intake, 65mm TB and 1.7RR

1964-1995 Ford Mustang - Crane Cams Camshaft Part Number: C30363901
MFR#: 363901
"CRANE CAMS POWERMAX HYDRAULIC LIFTER CAMSHAFT -- Duration: 260° Intake/272° Exhaust, Valve Lift: .456 Intake/.484 Exhaust, Lobe Separation: 112°, RPM Power Range: 1200-4800, Offers Tremendous Power, Torque And RPM Potential, Features Dual Pattern For Balanced Intake/Exhaust Flow, Maximum Low-End, Mid-Range, And Upper RPM Power, With Manufacturer's Limited Warranty"
I would look into a 140 speedo for it. If not then subframes would be the next thing. I just installed mine yesterday and holly crap do they make a ginormous improvement :nice:
So whens the first date? :D JK mang that last thread was some funny chit :rlaugh: