Anybody know how to install Air Fuel Ratio gauge


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Feb 13, 2003
Portland, OR
Torow I gonna put Air Fuel ratio Gauge , I'm done with conectning Ignition and ground wires , Now I have to conected one wire to " O2 " sensor , BUT PROBLEM IS I DON'T KNOW WICH ONE WIRE I HAVE TO USE FROM O2 SENSOR BECAUSE THERE IS THREE DIFFERENT COLOR WIRES
Please help me out with this :(
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Thismay not be much help,but try to get a hold of a wiring manual. I just put and AFR (Autometer Lunar) on about a week ago, and can't remember which wire we tapped into. I am thinking Light Blue/Gray (not for sure). I do remember that it would have been a mess without the wiring manual. Hope this helps a little bit.
I have the wiring manual , and there is red/black and gray/light blue OR gray/red and gray/red wires I can use here is pics of that ,down to the left is two O2 sensors

When in doubt, check the manufacturers website....

There are two options for this particular hookup, being the left or right oxygen sensors. The best spot to make this hookup is right sensor at the PCM. This is located above or behind the passenger side kick panel. There will be a 104-pin connector in that location. To hook up to the left sensor, go to pin 43 which is a red wire with a black stripe. In order to hook up to the right sensor, go to pin 44 which is a gray wire with a light blue stripe.
I installed one.... there was info here -

The wire from the left side O2 sensor connector to the PCM is RED/BLK

The wire from the right side O2 sensor connector to the PCM is GRY/LT BLU

I only connected to the left side; by cutting the wire cover to expose the wire, and then soldered on the A/F wire and then applied the red rtv silicone for insulation. The RED/BLK wire is in the wire bundle at the left side of the oil pan. Just find and follow the proper wire color 'after' the O2 sensor connectors. (don't connect to the O2 sensor wires)

If you also want to add a toggle switch you can run a wire from the left side Red/Blk wire and from the right side Gry/Lt Blu wire to a toggle switch and connect the A/F wire to the switch. Then you can switch between the left side and the right side O2 sensor. I only connected to the left and didn't do the right side or switch yet.

Right is probably best, don't think it really matters.... read this..... (tech tips/faqs)