anybody put a 9in rear in an original straight 6 car?


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Jun 24, 2004
Frankfort, Ky
I have of course pulled the 6 out and was thinking of putting a 9 back there. Can anybody tell me what all I'm going to need for this job? I'm not going to have tons of HP at the rear wheel's maybe 300 and probably don't need a 9 but figure if I have to switch rears why not go all the way. Also is it possible I already have at least an 8 back there?
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May 14, 2002
Pottstown PA
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It depends on the year of your car and the version of the 6 cyl. 65 or 66 will have a 4 lug Integrated carrier rear (Extreme light duty). Any Mustang 6 that was a 250 CID car will have an 8 inch rear.


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Jun 24, 2004
Frankfort, Ky
So if i wanted to bump up to a 9 inch what type of housing would I want to obtain, how do you go about shorting it and what axels and all that good stuff.


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Nov 13, 1998
Edmond, Oklahoma
best bet is to find a early ranchero rear end, its a bolt in and the same width as a 8". An 8" will easily support up to 400 horse unless your drag racing it all the time and dumping the clutch at 4 or 5 grand. 400hp for a streetcar with an auto should be no problem.


Apr 12, 2003
Ann Arbor, MI
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I put a 9" rear from a '59 Galaxie into my '65, which is an original straight-6 car. The installation is a bolt-in - no mods required, except for the driveshaft. I put SSBC rear discs on at the same time, but the 11" drums that came with the rear end would probably do a fine job as well - depends on your budget. Check out for details - he's done all the homework for you. :D


My rearend needs a stud and two nuts.
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Feb 26, 2002
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65 to 66 were one width, 67-70 another, and 71-73 another. As already stated, check out ultrastangs site; he has the widths there, usually measured from flange to flange.
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