Anybody Retrofit Keyless Entry/ignition Into An Sn95?


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Aug 1, 1998
Churchton, MD

I see some kits out there for a few hundred bucks and I'm just curious if anybody here has done this on their ride at all.

It's kind of a daydream for me at the moment...been a thought on my mind for a little while...but given the price of just the kit alone, it makes it a bit out of my reach as far as the budget goes right now. Who knows what an install cost would run (I'm not one to mess with wiring so I'd rather leave it to the pros) but I'm sure that wouldn't be cheap either.

And I'd certainly like to keep the existing locking/ignition setup in place for failsafe purposes should the keyless portion die for some reason. I'd still want a way to get in the car and start it.

So, any thoughts out there? Has anybody else wanted to do this modification?
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Mar 16, 2009
Springfield, MO
There are kits out there and for not too much money. If the kit were to ever fail, you'd just be back to using the old key in door method. My car came with key-less entry, however my F250 did not. I can tell you that reaching way over to the passenger door to unlock it can be a pain and telling my passenger to lock their door every time we get out is also annoying. I'd give a +1 for this mod!


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Aug 1, 1998
Churchton, MD
Hope we're on the same page...I've got a keyless entry remote fob for my '03 GT as well. But I'm talking about those completely keyless RFID systems that are found in newer cars, where all you have to do is be within 10 feet or so of the car, the doors "automagically" unlock, and you just get in the car and push the ignition button to fire it up.

I did look some more and found a broader range of pricing for these kits...anywhere from the $150 eBay sketchy specials up to $700 for a kit from a seemingly reputable outfit.

Another thing that I came across, and didn't think of, was the PATS in these cars. I'm wondering if these RFID systems would interfere with the PATS and cause malfunctions or something. Or can it be overridden...etc.
Mar 16, 2009
Springfield, MO
PATS runs off of the transponder in the key, so I'm not sure how a complete keyless system would work without it. I imagine that the more expensive kits prolly take this into consideration and should have a start button setup included. I would stray away from anything eBay when it comes to starting and stopping the car!

I suppose you could disable PATS with a tuner and then install the kit as it would require the transponder frequency from the new fab to power on the car. This is pretty much exactly what PATS does anyway.

Best of Luck!


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Aug 1, 1998
Churchton, MD
Yeah, I'd definitely be avoiding the eBay specials. No doubt that the pricier ones with actual web sites would be a better bet.

So, if PATS does get disabled with a tuner, would I still be able to revert back to using the key should the keyless system work? I don't know why, but I'm worried about this new tech failing then leaving me stranded without any other way of starting the car or getting into it. I see some of the systems have a "manual" override where you touch their override card to another sensor (placed in a window) to get the car to open.

I'm just hoping to further this discussion for anyone else who wants to try this. Seems there's a lack of any retrofits of this out there, other than a small handful of other vehicles that I've seen on YouTube. But I have yet to see any SN95s with this modification and I do think it would be a handy mod. @TeamCaffeineGT, thanks for your input! :nice:


Jul 12, 2006
You would just a tune that would include a PATS disable in it. Assuming you have a handheld programmer at the moment you can switch back at any point you want.

If you have a pre 99 GT the PATS work a little different and I do not know if you can disable and re-enable it like the 99 up GT.
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