Anybody using Tweecer to control 4r70w shifts?


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Apr 29, 2003
I currently have a 94 Gt with a 4r70w swapped from a 01 v6 mustang. I had to get a chip burned to control the shift points due to the wider gears in the 4r70w. My question is, can I control the same functions with a Tweecer? I'm planning on doing more mods to my car and really want to learn how to tune my own car instead of having to pay to have chips reburned. I've been doing some reading on the tweecer site and the yahoo site, but haven't found a difinitive answer to this question. If this is possible, what scalars are needed to be changed to get the tranny to work correctly?
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I've made some twEECs to my AODE and got some noticably firmer shifts e.g. chirping 1-2 with ease under heavy throttle. Not sure on how it affects the longevity of the tranny - I'm destined for a built 4R70W w/ 4.10s soon and will use the twEECer to change tranny gearing, shift points etc.

twEECs I've made:
95AODE: UP40 CBAZA strategy

trans_tv_adder_12 16
trans_tv_adder_12_time 0
trans_tv_adder_23 16
trans_tv_adder_23_time 0
trans_tv_adder_34 20
trans_tv_adder_34_time 1

and added the follwing with further improvement:
trans_min_tp_for_torque_mod changed from 240 to 900 to disable
trans_torq_control_min-ECT changed from 160 to 250 to disable

--Setting the tranny to shift firmer--


( entering higher numbers on the Y axis (Y axis=MPH) at each throttle position(X axis=TP) will firm up the shift at that TP) ( these values might differ depending on which gears you have)

trans tv press 1-2= x 0 0 0 0 0 52 400 600 1020
y 5 5 5 5 5 10 17 46 56

trans tv prss 2-3= x 0 0 0 28 52 252 400 600 1020
y -5 -5 -5 -5 0 8 8 27 42