Anyone have a spare stock 98 GT catback to part out?

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Mar 31, 2005
Arlington, TX
I was just wondering if anyone had the stock catback from a 98 GT. I bought my car with flows that were not meant for a Mustang and for the time being I'd like to go back to stock until I get my car inspected and registered again.

If this is not appropriate for the forums, please delete it. I just really need the stock catback!

Yep, this needs to be in the SN Classified section.
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you have to be careful buying a 98 cat-back. they changed the exhaust hangers mid-year for the upcoming body style change. look underneath it, if there is a hanger on the top of the tail pipe that is pointing towards the rear of the car......that's the new style setup. if you look under & the hangers are facing out, towards the quaterpanel...... any exhaust from 96 & 97 should work also. 94-95 would work too, but the tail pipes were smaller on many models in that time frame
topless98gt said:
Wow...thanks! There are a lot of things that I learn here!

I have the ones pointing towards the back bumper. From what you state, I guess I have a later-98 model!

anytime. i had two 98's, one early year, & one late. so i learned alot about the subtle differences between the two :)
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