Anyone run at the Hamptons Drag strip????


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Mar 14, 2004
I heard they were about to close it and i want to get in a few runs before they do....anyone run there could tell me details about when time trials are..stuff like that. Anyone know an exact date for the closing? God that pissed me off....oh well guess theres going to be a lot more street racing here in :flag:
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really they are? i am going out there next weekend for a short vacation with my stang. I told my GF i would bring it only if she comes with me to find that track i hear so much about. Please keep me posted if you hear anything. Thats the worst news I have heard since they took Ren and Stimpy off of the air.
i talk to one of the guys that work there this past weekend. he said that its sold but they are going to keep it open till around labor day. they dont do anymore events out there, so anyday is good to race. i went on a sunday about 3 weeks ago and my friend got in around 7 pass that day. they could of gotten more but they did not want to go anymore.
stang976 said:
that sucks. anybody know exactly where it is in the hamptons? or an address so i can look it up? if all goes well i am gonna go there this saturday

SR 27 to exit 61, then follow signs to Eastport, then .4 mi. south on Eastport Manor, then 2.8 mi. east on Old Country Rd. (631) 288-1555
Once you head south on eastport manor the next light will be old country road.Make the left. The track will be up on your left side. Old country road is pretty winding and hilly but you can't miss it.
It's good news that that track is getting shut down what a hell hole! If you need to work in the pits you have to lay in gravel, hello it's 2004 CEMENT my friends! And to top it all off most of the time you don't even get a time slip cause the clocks are down. E-town all the way baby. Too bad there couldn't be another track a little closer!
ninjacoupe said:
It would cost 50 alone in gas and tolls just for me to get to E-town, and if I was trailering the car BQE only option and that is not an option.

i have to agree with ninjacoupe. living out here in suffolk its a pain for me to get to NJ, with a trailer. yes LID is a dump but its close for me. just wish we had a decent track out here to play on.