anyone running a base DSS 306? (any DSS owners come in)


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Aug 21, 2003
well im gonna be coming into some money thanks to uncle sam and the national gaurd (boot camp starts in january right after i graduate college...hooah! :flag: )...anyway im thinking of staying with my stang instead of buying a new one so im gonna use my bonus to paint, upgrade the suspension, and buy a new short block (i figured it will cost almost the same for a rebuild)...i was looking into the base 306 short block DSS has to offer...the price is right around my budget, but an extra 1200 on heads is not...i was thinking of using the stockers, and just freshening them up...i found this claim on the DSS website
12.62@ 103 MPH…. Base Bullet 306 stock heads Emissions legal"
is this valid or would there be some major hogging out to those heads

i wanna keep this car as an emissions legal car, and some where in the 300 hp range give or take a few...could i make that kinda power with a DSS 306 and stock heads with a TFS stage 1 cam or similiar and my current intake???
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The mph looks valid, but they must really driving that car to get those times... See 25thmustang. He is proof to this site those times aren't impossible, and he is trapping higher than that. 300hp with stock heads is possible, but 300hp at the rear wheels is much harder with those heads.

DSS is a good price for a *stock* block replacement.

BTW, where in MA are you?
SAYNOTORICE: I really think you should do a search on DSS here on stangnet. There have been quite a few recent posts about them; most of the posts were discussing the many problems people have been having over the past two years or so. DSS used to be an alright company, from what I read, but have been slacking the past couple of years as they gain publicity and grow.

From what I have read, I will definately SAYNOTODSS.
glad i asked...i actually do remember some people saying bad things about them recently...damn...hmm...this is killing me cause if i dont come up with an idea for this car soon im gonna either sell it or part it is the skinny on my car, what it needs and what i want

engine - 170k still runs great, no ticking or smoking, but it has been leaking crazy oil lately and im not sure if it will pass a compression check
i want an engine that will make around 275-300 at the wheels, emissions legal n/a

chasis - suspension needs to be upgraded and replaced...everything including all new bushings,

body - some rust, small amount of rot on hatch (gonna need new hatch its rusted through on that one spot)...small amount of rot (2inch by 4inch) behind driver side door...itr needs sheet metal this summer before it gets serious

my budget $7000...i know its not alot but im not looking to go crazy fast (low 13s 12s maybe) and im keeping the appearance stock (gotta love the ten holes :nice: )

think it can be done??...i know i could just buy a really nice fox for that price, but i love this car, for all the hastle it gives me i still love it and it suprises people and even myself sometimes (speacially those times when i dont think its fast and then i take down an lt-1 :nice: )

my biggest problem is that if im gonna put the time, the money, and the work into it, i need to start on the body and perhaps suspension now because it is my only car right now...the sheet metal is a must, i dont think it can survive another new england winter without the rot getting worse

i love mustangs but right now im just all tense about the hobby...its alot harder i think when your hobby is also your passion (obsession sometimes) and your only mode of transportation

I too have a pro bullet dss 306 -- with tfs heads, intake, cam. It makes 312 horse at the wheels. But mine is from about 5 years ago and still runs strong.
One thing is, forget about the tfs cam and get a B303 or E303, TRUST ME I lost 15 horse with the tfs cam from a B303 :bang: . You might wanna go with a different company since the recent drop in quality at DSS.
i want an engine that will make around 275-300 at the wheels, emissions legal n/a

my budget $7000...

Gonna be hard to achieve those results with the stock heads. Even fully ported E7's will be a chore. I recomend the GT-40 heads from a Cobra/early explorer or the GT-40 P heads from the later explorer. These can be had cheap and are a great fondation for power building. You could also grab the intake off of them that will help significantly over the stocker. I would send the lower to Tmoss and have him work it over. Of coarse you would need all the supporting boltons too, like TB, MAF, headers, etc.

My car puts 290 to the wheels without a tune and the stock shortblock with about 50K. It features ported iron Gt-40's, AFM B-21 cam, Explorer intake, longtubes etc. Not a whole lot of money int the setup and it runs 12.30's, again without a tune.