anyone seen HID lights on a fox body?


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Dec 16, 2006
Has anyone seen any '87-'93 Mustangs with HID headlights in person out on the road? If so did you notice how much glare (or lack of it) the foxbody lights put out with hids? I know a few members have the lights in their cars, but I'm wondering if anyone has seen them while in another vehicle.

The reason I ask is I've been seeing a lot of different cars with these hid kits out on the road, and some cars put out a lot of glare with them, but others don't. Some people say these kits will put out of glare in a non-hid housing, but I've seen quite a few cars with them where the amount of glare wasn't notably worse than with regular halogen lights. I'd like hids on my mustang but only if they're not going to create a lot of glare. I see them on some cars where they really aren't overly bright to look at at all.

I'd get some that are mostly white, I'm trying to improve my lighting without getting any tickets or people flashing their brights...
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so does PurPony have them? :shrug: looks like it...

I met him last year in Carlisle, young guy but very nice and you could tell by talking to him he is pretty sharp. He and a few friends parked next to me and we drank a few beers. I havent seen him around here much lately either?!?
HID projector retrofits is the correct way to go about doing HID's on a car not so equipped.

I get blinded daily by cars with 15000K Purple HID's aimed to the sky and the owners swearing they drive around and nobody ever flashes them.
just about everyone with a 5.0 down here has em & alot of them drive around with out the projecting ones blinding people, but they do look really nice though, ill give them that:)