AODE performance build~what fluid to run


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Dec 17, 2009
I got my trans back transgo shiftkit alto clutches, seals, all new hard parts, TCI converter (saturdaynight special 600rpm stall speed higher than stock) what fluid should i run in it? i can get a case of wolfshead synthetic thru my shop 12 quarts for 44 dollars...mobil 1 is 120 dollars for 12. What you think?
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What does the trans builder suggest?

FWIW, AODE's (not sure if you have an AODE or just an AOD) generally run Mercon V. Most synthetics meet MV requirements anyhow.
he says castrol or penzoil or any quality oil thats merconV or even synthetic is great. But im a little nervous mobil 1 says its not for use in CVT transmissions and MERCON V approved. My wolfshead synthetic is also Mercon V approved, however its "super universal" and says it works in CVT trannies. I wonder what the difference is. Are all synthetic ATFS similar?