Are Zex kits universal? Looking to buy.

I can get a used Zex dry kit for $275 but I was wondering if I could put it on my freinds 03 GT until I sell my Vortech, and hten put it on my car. Can I do this or what? Heres my next project for my car, my engine is probably getting pretty beat up and I think im gonna do a budget buildup with a new engine. Ive been getting a little oil coming out of my dipstick and its no surprise with me running around without a tune for such a long time. Im going to do a leakdown test to make sure. Anyways if the leakdown test shows that my engine is tired, I was going to get a Explorer engine with low mile, GT40 heads(not the P's), get some thick Cometic gaskets, 1.6 rockers, and off the shelf cam and throw the Fox VC's I have in my room in there. To fund this project I was gonna sell my Vortech S-Trim and accesories and then buy a ZEX Nitrous kit and jsut spray like a 100 shot. I figure after selling the blower, and buying all that I would probably come out even give or take a few $100. Then I would work the funds up again and I will buy the hotside piping from OINK and go turbo(if he lets me drive up there to learn how he does it). After seeing what a turbo car can do with my freind 93 TT fox, Im hooked. See any flaws in my plan or anything else I could do while im down there?
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