autometer RANT!!!!


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May 18, 2006
longwood, FL
Well I figured that Autometer might make good product I WAS WRONG!!!!!!!!:mad: :mad: :mad:

After 2 guage pods with crappy fitment, so I will have to get 1 one or maybe 12 more the way they make things.

ALSO my two guages are different colors:mad: :mad: ones a bright blue and the other is a purplish blue.

If any one has any solution let me know.
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What's with the pod issue? They often have the holes a little small - I dremel them out a little so the gauges fit (but still fit snug). If the pod doesnt fit the pillar contour, that's a different issue.

I'd call or email them with the issues. They've always been really cool with me when I have had something come up.

Good luck bud.
Well They main thing is that I can't get headlight knob on because the hole doesn't line up.

The first guage pod was a little too small (it did not hang low enough to cover where the tan meets the black on dash) , and it scrapped the defrost button/switch, and light switch.

They are cobalt electric full sweep and mechanical full sweep.

also my fuel pressure gauge keeps going to 100 psi.:nonono:
and neither one will di, I have it hooked to the blue/red wire off the headlight switch.