Back in the 2V game again..a few Qs

Well after having a 96 GT, a 97 Cobra with a fully built motor and every single bolt on, then going to a gas saver SVT Focus for a year, I am finally back in the 2V game.
On Weds of this week I bought a 2004 5speed white GT with 15K miles. Long Story short I plan on keeping it N/A. With that being said I want to do a plenum and TB along with full exhaust, JLT intake.....and eventually heads with stage 2or3NA cams. But which TB size should I go with? 70 or 75mm knowing I will always be N/A? Appreciate your input.
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i dont think it makes a big difference between the 2. anyway, i would go with the 75mm if you think you are going to go all out na. i mean everything....actually, if you are going all out na, you should just get the bullitt intake and go from there.
if you plan on making your car decently quick, it's cheaper to go with a blower, than to keep it na.

*i meant if you're going to keep full interior, not go with 4.56+ gears, drag springs, don't have john behind the wheel, etc. if you want a decently quick street car, go with a blower.
Until someone comes out with a (good) aftermarket intake for the 4.6, staying NA will cost more than FI, and be a lot slower. You CAN however make a quick NA car then bolt up some nitrous.

I would suggest stage 1 cams, LT's, bigger MAF, 30# injectors, bigger fuel pump, cold air intake w/ K&N, stronger clutch, and then finally, a nitrous system.

Stage 2 cams are overkill, and would require valvetrain modification.

Stage 3 cams would SUCK without a fully ported and built head.

Also, if you would like to get into the motor... you can always do some I-beam rods and flat top pistons for about $760 in parts. Would raise your CR to 9.5-11.5:1 depending on what piston you go with.

I have seen one stang running stg 2 crower cams (with new valve springs), LT's and the I beams/pistons running 11:1 compression... It was a bada$$ NA car.
First two mods: Long Tubes W/ X pipe, Gear. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, or get the mustang to buck - those will do you right. If you want the thrill of an additional 20 hp and sound then go for a cheap O/R X pipe, but if you have the money to spend go all out with long tubes, especially if you plan on keeping it N/A. I think everybody that ends up building their car regrets not spending the additional money to get the best exhaust front the start. I mean you have to look at your immediate VS. long term goals. Both of those mods would suit both. If you are looking to make a statement then small 5 hp mods will get spanked if they are your bread and butter. Those 2 mods could show up some of your chevy's out there, just depends on what you are looking for...