Belt tensioner wearing a hole in timing cover. Help

04 gt, just replaced my belt and idle pulley, I dont know what I did, but the belt tensioner is rubbing on the timing cover, my belt routing looks good, my idle pulley looks fine, I think from pulling the tensioner and it being OEM it might just be worn, I adjusted everything and it doesn't run now, but the clearance is less than a millimeter between the tensioner and the timing cover. Anything I can do? Tighten that bolt up or anything?

UPDATE: obviously my tensioner was bad so I replaced that with a new one and that fixed the problem. I guess from moving that tensioner around so much it must have busted it. It looks like the OEM one. When it happened I swore it was my timing chain or guides when I first heard the sound. so, just another thing to check for if any of you guys out there have a similar issue.
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