Best plug wires?

I am currently fighting a arcing issue with my current (brand new)
set of red Ford Racing plug wires. Arcs at the boot as well as arcing on the valve covers..:bang:
This is for a FRPP 347c.i./450hp alum Z head crate engine w/6AL MSD.
The car also has headers which make for a VERY tight fit between the 65 shock towers...
I need a set of plugs that do well with heat and limited space...
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I also have FRPP Wires and have had good and bad with them. I am on my 3 pair and was fighting a heat issue with the boot melting, then arching. I think it is fixed and here is what I did.

1. I had my headers coated at Jet Hot, not only looks good but drops temps on the header a bit.

2. Use heat sleaves for the boots. Sold at Summit or wherever.

The first set of wire I got from FRPP was bad they had an arching issue so I sent them back to Year One. You might have got a bad set it happens. I like the wires because of fit, looks and good performance. You might also try some MSD wires. But I would go the route of sleaves first, maybe Coated headers second if you still have a problem.

If it is tight in there that means it will trap heat, hence burning wires.

Hope that helps.

Nice car too!!!
is it all the pulg wires that are giving you trouble or just one or 2? If your saying that the headers are a tight fit then i really dowbt that you want to take them out and have them coated, i would assume those are long tubes. the coating is a good idea but i have uncoated headers and MSD wires and i never had any problems, but i also had ford racing wires and i never had a problem with those either.

only reason i bought MSD's is cause mustangs unlimited didnt have the FRPP ones in stock. you probally got a bad set of wires send em back.
Thanks for the replies.
My headers are long tubes that are ceramic coated inside and outside.
It doesn't appear as if every boot has a spark arcing problem.
Most of the arcing is coming from the back 2 boots on the drivers side.
However on the passenger side at least one of the wires themselves has a spark arcing to the valve cover and this is no where near the boot:shrug:
I guess maybe I do have a bad set of wires.
My primary concerns in selecting a new set would be:

A) I don't think I can go with any boot that has a larger diameter than the current set of Ford Racing wires.

B) I want to have as much heat protection as possible..