"Blown" An Epic Campaign to V6 Mustang Superiority!

I will edit this post later.. I dont have time now.. I have a flight to catch!!

Step 1

Make Contact with the Manufacturers to get more info on "roots" type SuperChargers for the 2005 V6 Mustang...

I will add more tomorrow night.. Please post whatever info you find helpful!!
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Now now MSP, you can't make this thread unless you agree to supercharge that V6 of yours in less than a month :D (cuz i want one too :) )

Good luck, i know you'll be the first on here to do so, and will set the presedence (spelled right?)
Hi everyone, just joined, US Army stuck in Korea. My ride's production date is today.

If it helps at all, look at applications for the Ranger's 4.0l engine and ask about any customising that needs to be done at the machinist's and what not.
Yeah i think i remember someone else talking about that too, because i know ford prolly designed our v6's after the ranger/explorer 4.0's, so most mods on those will work on ours, with a little work maybe...
Its not just designed after the explorer 4.0. it is the explorer 4.0.
can barely tell any differences (wiring harness and stuff is diff) between my 01 explorer 4.0 and my mustang 4.0.

Ive already heard of 2 05 v6's being supercharged, so im sure there isnt a whole lot of fabrication that needs to be done.
with 8 lbs of boost (safe boost level) and just a few bolt ons (headers, intake, exhaust, tune) i dont think 320rwhp is out of the question. (8 lbs of boost is a 50% increase in power generally. If you assume a v6 which is 190 stock, and an extra 30-40 in bolt ons)
Good Lord Guys!! Nice work!! I go outta town for 24hrs, and you guys put up some delicious info!! LOL!! This has got to be one of the best quick reaction time Mustang Forums on the net.. LOL!! Sweet!!

So I checked out the link to the Blown V6's!! LOL!! Apparently, others are thinking the way we are.. I must say, 285hp and 265hp are really good gains to start off with, especially because no other mods accept exhaust has been done... This mean, with alittle headwork, one could easily slide by the 300HP slope, and possibly upwards towards 350HP, which would be a level in which I would like to get to..

I have been thinking of taking my heads in now for some immidiate work.. What do you guys think? I'll just get them ported and polished to start.. What do you think this work could yield right off the bat? Since I dont drive my car during the week, I could drop the heads off in the early part of the week, and pick'em up by the weekend..

I must really give credit to Stangnet.com!! I am impressed with all the people around here... Everyone seems to be motivated!! Motivation is a damn good thing fellas!! Keep it up!! :nice:

I will now edit my first post, to install the rest of my thoughts, I didnt have time for last night... But the thread has already grown legs.. Maybe I should just leave it....? ....Nahh!!
@ALL GT Owners

I really love the Mustang GT.. Dont get me wrong.. Its just that I dont want you guys to get hurt in this squabble..

Here is our V6 with the correct screws loosened up!!


A quick quote!!

All this is clamped on to a SOHC, 4.0-litre, V6 engine. This works with a 5-speed manual gearbox to push 375hp@ 4,600rpm to all wheels. Peak torque is 410 lb.ft@ 3,800 rpm.

So it appears, the SuperCharger is indeed where all the fun begins guys!!

The real clincher to this, is that Ford has our SuperCharger while we speak, right now.. I aint buying a Wombat! They can forget it.. Just give up the Supercharger Ford! :D
Im sure you could get 300hp to the wheels without a supercharger, but you would be changin some seroius things around. With just bolt ons, and no head work i think you can hope for no better than 230rwhp. which is pretty good, only 30hp away from the heavier auto gt.

Lets make a list, feel free to add/correct me

tune and cai - 20hp
headers - 20-25hp
exhaust - 10hp

soon to come i hope
underdrive pulleys 5-8hp
electric water pump - 15hp

So i guess 250 to 260 isnt out of the question, but its up there. With agressive cams and head work you could be pushing the 300hp range.
fazm83 said:
Lets make a list, feel free to add/correct me

tune and cai - 20hp
headers - 20-25hp
exhaust - 10hp

soon to come i hope
underdrive pulleys 5-8hp
electric water pump - 15hp
the #'s seem inflated to me...
tune and cai - 20hp --this may be accurate, not sure
headers - 20-25hp --maybe 5-7hp
exhaust - 10hp -- Are you talking about just the catback or the catback and addition of a X or H-pipe...

soon to come i hope
underdrive pulleys 5-8hp --?
electric water pump - 15hp --?

You can't just add up these #'s and say you will have a 80hp gain, it's all about the combination...
jba claims 25hp with their headers.
exhaust systems i have seen claim 9rwhp in just the catback.

the underdrive and electric water pump i am going off of gt number gains.

And yes they are slightly inflated, because i was shootin for the "what if" maximum hp number.

I would say with all of those you might bet 45-55rwhp