body filler..

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You will be fine using body filler. After you have all the metal work done and ready for filler, spray the engine bay with EPOXY PRIMER, and scuff that before the filler. This ensures a complete coverage of the bare steel since body filler has no corrosion protection capabilities. All you have to do is scuff the primer with a scotch brite and then apply the body filler. Using a skim coat of "Icing" after your filler work is done to really smooth out the surface.
ok cool. i didnt know about the epoxy primer first, as i thought filler was to be applied only over bare metal. but i can see how that makes sense. the "icing" needs to be done with the stuff im using anyway, because its like a "kitty hair" style filler. (fiberglass renforced)
Yea I used a fiberglass filler, then a bunch of coats of filler to shape an rough it out, then the icing to fill any big scratches in. Epoxy primer is the ONLY paint product that filler will stick to. Its the I-CAR Certified method these days according to my school.
you guys still weld up the useless holes first before bondo, right?


yes. thats the stage im at now. at first i would stick a nail through, weld it in, then cut and smooth the hole... then i found it was easier to just fill the hole with the weld. this also stopped potential flat tires from having a bunch of pointy, half-nails scattered around my driveway..:rlaugh: