Boost Cooler??? Anyone tested yet


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Apr 24, 2002
I have read recently about a product made by snow performance called a boost cooler. It uses a water/meth mix to drop intake temp. I am interested to see if anyone has used this and if their claims of 60+ hp for $299 is anywhere near legit. Any other affordable ideas to drop temp??
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I have also been doing some research on this kit. I think that it is legit from what I read, but I am not for sure. It is covered in the latest Muscle mustangs and fast fords. I think a coupe in the article actually gained like 78 horses from the kit. Does anyone else know anything about this kit?
My brother is putting a system on his Grand National. He's using some off the shelf parts (pump, switches, etc.) based on a friends set up. His friend is running 20+ pounds of boost on his GN with pump gas and GN's are very sensitive to detonation. He uses regular windshield washer fluid with no problems since its basically the same mixture with some blue tint added.

Check out some of the Grand national forums to see what they say. Might even include the plans to do it yourself.