Borla Stingers


New Member
Mar 23, 2006
I just wanted to shed some light on something...If all you Stang Enthusiasts would be so kind as to help :)

Which is louder and a more muscley sound...The MAC axlebacks or the Borla Stinger axle back?

Any insight to this would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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Borla all the way.

I've got the FRPP M-5230-5GT which is actually the stinger. It is REALLY deep and screams in the high RPM's. Not raspy at all just quality loudness all through the power band. Best sounding muffler of em all.
06GTVERT4DE said:
I have the Borla Stingers and they sound awesome! There is a lot of drone with them at around 2000 rpm though (automatic transmission). They definitely turn heads! :nice:

Yes, fortunately there is PLENTY of drone between 1500 and 2000 RPM's.:hail2:

........Yip you read that right, I like drone, can't get enough, wish I had more:flag:
Not yet....

Shocwave04 said:
Chad... how much are you askin for those mufflers???

I think I'm gonna try an off-road X-pipe and see what they sound like. I can get the Pypes x-pipe for $130. For everyone interested in the Magna Flow Axle Back system.... They are not much louder than stock.... A bit of a diffrent sound, but not that much diffrent than stock.... but the rolled tips are the S**T!!!