Bought me another mustang! project car woot (pics)


The 5 Minute Plan Man
Jun 10, 2004
well finally, i've gotten myself straightened out to where i can get another GT.. been missing the 92 so i started looking some more.. turns out my old man still has this 89 GT he bought for 1500 with bad heads/gaskets.. and its all fixed now and for sale.. so i talked him into letting me get for what he had in it and its now mine! Has a electric fan, 3 core aluminum radiator, cross drilled rotors, MSD ignition.. couple other things. I have a brand new 70mm accufab tb waiting for it when it gets home tommorow, as well as a 5-lug swap with split 5's.. eventually it'll get a cam and intake.. heads will come later when i can get it.. set of gears to. Enough talkin, time for pics!



btw im selling the 03 cobras on it now... bumper is going to be replaced with a stalker and a stormin norman will fill the gap.. probably going to paint it silver as well.. lemme know whatcha think!


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