broke my rear sway bar, now what

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Its common for our cars. I added the Steeda adjustable sway bar out back for added stability and to take the pressure off the stock one. Steeda sells a replacement bar that's 25% thicker/stronger for like $125.
If you have stiffer shocks and springs I would recommend getting a stock cobra one. Its actually softer than our stock one. THe cobras came with stiffer spring rates and shock valving and therefore didnt require such a stiff swaybar. Contrary to what other people have been saying above. If you dragrace then you may want to consider a stiffer swaybar but your oversteer will increase noticably in rain/snow (basically low traction conditions). If this is a street driver and you wanna keep it cheap, get a cobra one. But yea, you could drive w/o it for a while it wont hurt anything and its still perfectly safe. Our cars arent known for understeering anyways.:nice:
tomustang said:
Yes, the V6 mustangs don't come with them stock so it's save to say you can drive without it, just replace it soon though because there is a big difference of handling :)
Actually, not entirely correct. I can't quote for other model years, but my 94 V6 came with a rear swaybar. I don't know if it's the same as the 94-95 GT swaybar or not. I also have the stock k-member brace. Didn't have a strut tower brace, tho.
I'm on my second one of those, and my second set of rear UCA's. I'm not putting down that much power, but somehow I kept coming home with broken stuff every time I went to the track. Not that it matters now though. Car has been parked one place or another since August '04 :( At least now I finally have a garage to keep it in.