Bullitt pedals *almost* fit the MII...


Jul 31, 1998
Birmingham, AL
...if you don't mind trimming your stock pedals! ;)

I bought a set of the Ford Racing "Bullitt" pedals for a manual transmision, and got lucky, it look slike they will fit with some modification to the II pedals.

The MII brake and clutch pedals have a not-quite-square shape under the rubber covers. It looks like the Bullitt pedals will fit if you cut the MII pedals into a square shape. This is some pretty tough steel, so it will require a cut-off wheel and not tin snips. Afterwards, the Bullitt pedal cover should just pop right on. They won't be as fully supported as on a late-model, but look like they'll be OK.

The MII gas pedal is flat compared to the late-model curved pedals, so I wasn't so confident that the Bullitt pedal will fit. However last night I finally removed the MII pedal from its arm (out of the car) and found that the Bullitt gas pedal fits the MII gas pedal arm with some removal of plastic on the Bullitt pedal.

I'll get some pics of my install ASAP, meanwhile here are some install pics from another site:
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