Buying A Zex Kit Please Help A.s.a.p.


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Sep 22, 2004
ok i have been talking bout juicing my car but with a small shot (50) have tfs h/c/i anywayz im thinking of buyinh this zex kit off a guy i know he was running it on his my questions are..can i use it?are all the nmu the same with the zex? do i need special adapters for the stang..its an 89 5 liter any help would be great....its a hell of a deal thats y im trying desperetly to use it...3 months old, 10lb bottle, all hoses and lines, purge kit, bottle heater, full tank of juice too!!
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depending on how much your paying, its a good deal.

as for the kit itself, it should be the same stuff. however, i wouldnt waste your time with that 50 shot, i would jump up to a 100, 75 minimun.
if it requires a fitting on the fuel rail it's a wet kit... and that fitting is the shrader valve. I'm willing to bet it's not compatible with yours at this point IF it requires a tap into your fuel system deeming it a wet kit. I don't think I've ever heard of a 50shot wet kit though??? Maybe I'm wrong? Can someone shed some light here?
wet kit?

see im not to sure about the wet kit dry kit thing i just read an article once where they installed a nx kit on a stang i guess that was wet...i thought i could just tap into the intake tube right b4 the throttle body and i only want a 50 shot cause this car is putting 300rwhp and that was last year running lean and untuned and now im gonna tune it..i have added injectors as well and im still running stock tranny with king cobra clutch so i dont wanna lose the tranny just yet