buying rims

Ok I already have a set of 03 18inch chrome cobra rims. I'm looking for somthing I could drag radials on that will not end up costing me 1,000 bucks. Plus the rims i have now are mainly for shows and driving around. I'm looking for somthing I can put drag radials on.

I think I founds some too. They are 03 15 inche GT chrome poney rims. 5,000 miles on the rims/rubber. The guy is thinkin about $600 with all 4 rims and 2 of the tiars let on the rims. He knows i'm going to put drag tiars on the other 2. My question is... 1 is this a good deal and 2 should I tell him I want all 4 tiars for the price. I don't know what they cost either.

Thanks for the help
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Apr 1, 2004
Dunedin, FL
barthy00GT said:
Well where can I find rims then.
Place, Price, size, and for a good deal. I'll find the rubber myself. I already am thinkin about pro street drag radials (I believe is the name) or BF Good years
Tiars and BF Goodyears? Man, what do you guys smoke up there? :shrug: