CalTracks, Or Ladder bars

Im really having a hard time choosing between the two and the car is a drag car that likes to be on the street. Engine specs. 408w ported Vic Jrs solid roller cam and an 8-71 BDS on top. It makes tons of torque down low and should be getting mid 10 at my elevation. Im not an experienced welder but I can weld, but I like the simplicity of the cal tracks but I like the extra strength of the ladder bars. Can ladder bars be driven on the street since they move the pinion angle? What would you do and why?
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cal-tracs. Simple, easy to install, cheap compared to ladder bars, and easy to adjust. I've personaly seen guys run hi 8 second 1/4's with the cal-tracs and leaf springs. It takes some tuning and testing, but at that level everything does, it will work though. This is assuming your are keeping stock wheelwells, or maybe adding just mini-tubs. I wouldn't do ladder bars or 4 link unless I were doing a complete back-half.
2bav8, nowhere on their site do they highlight the improved handling of the car... so I thought they just aid traction in the 1/4 mile. But based on the your sig pic, you are using them on a road course. So I guess you find that they are suitable for a pro-touring type car, not just a 1/4 mile car? Did they help lap or auto-X times at all?
I bought them a few years ago when I used to drag race.
Its within the last year and a half I've started convert my suspension over for better handling.

Haven't really made up my mind if they help with handling, but they definitely help with straight line accleration!