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Jun 8, 2007
Ont Canada
i am going to be putting the trick flow upper and lower street heat intake on or i mean the new name for it is the street burner intake i am thinking while i have it apart i will put a cam in any suggestons for the best cam i should use i was thinking crane cam energizerpart #130092 good to fair idle any know of better one for me ??
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For what you get, a custom cam is the way to go.

I have the Steeda 19, which works great with the stock ECU, and like it alot.

As said above the heads you have plays a big part, which one's do you have?

The cam you listed says FIRING ORDER: 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8, ours is 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8.

I am not the most knowledgable person on here, but I don't think this cam will work.
A buddy of mine has the B303 in his 91 GT, and it runs good. He also has stock heads.

I think the F303 would be good for upper RPM power, but bad for your intake and the stock heads.

I say go with the B303, or something similar. My .02
with stock heads a cam is basically useless, and u will probably need a tune if you do get a cam, not all the time tho is depends on the to answer u ? about the cam i would leave it stock, if u really really want to do a cam for a little noise and such, like said above the steeda cam, rf many just throw a tfs 1 cam in...but u will need a tune (probley) with that cam.....

stay away from the f cam, not sure about the b cam tho?
well i am going to get a chip to get rid of the retarg timing and the have to tune my car anyway do any of you guys use the b303 cam with stock heads and trick flow intakes ?or should i leave it stock for now till i get heads and spend the money else where like bigger throttle body for new intake ???but i heard a cam will really help
A cam would help, but I would wait till you do heads. If for no other reason, to get the cam out you need to pull the heads.

You could always get some 1.7 roller rockers to squeeze some more lift from the stock cam.

I would use the money on something else like a TB, or maybe some suspension pieces or brakes.
You will not see the true benifits of a cam swap until you swap out the heads, the stock cam can actually work very well. The B303 is very old tech, and really was intended for a carb car in it's day... All the alphabet cams are out fo date compared to the newer technology.

There is not timing retard and with your mods you truly shouldn't need a chip, the gains will be very minimal.

The Crane 444225 works very well with a stock style head and aftermarket intake NA, however it is really designed around a 1.7 ratio rocker, the TFS Stage 1would also be a decent choice. However if I was going to spend around $300 on a cam, custom would be what I would do.

You do not want the 130092 it is actually based on the old 302 firing order, not the H.O which is preffered.